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Video Solutions


How Do We Ensure Your Video Connects with Your Target Audience? Everything Depends on Our Strategy:

How we target the right people, engage them with the right content, and distribute the video for maximum exposure.

In-depth research leads to a content plan designed to connect with your target audience and guide them to the next stage in their journey with you.

By learning how your audience interact and make decisions, we can create targeted campaigns that swiftly move people along the customer journey.

Just like any other part of your marketing arsenal, video should send out consistent messages about your brand. We show you how.


Our video productions vary according to campaign and budget, although they’ll usually follow the following framework:

Audiences connect much better with video that has a clear narrative structure and this is why we first think about how a video would interact with instincts before we work on it.

Via research, we utilize creative concepts to bring your contents live, then use our insights into your audience, market and brand to reinforce your messages and positioning.

Our producers create a compelling story and script, cast the talent, find the right locations and film the shoot using proven techniques and best equipment. 

Our expert post-production partner pull your story & messages through. Our partner use animation & motion graphics  to illustrate complex ideas or liven up facts & figures. 


Our video marketing services take your content and channel to the widest audience possible.

We circulate your content via the right websites, blogs, brands, influencers and social media. We do so by planning an integrated approach to distribution which can help us to capture the largest and most targeted audience possible.

We boost click-through rates with targeted advertising. Our strategic approach identifies the best channels & keywords where we plan the campaign, seek out the best placements & keywords to target and then optimize them for effective marketing.

We can optimise your content so that users will find your video when they enter the relevant keywords. To achieve this, we’ll help to create an effective YouTube channel that really resonates with your customers via its contents optimization.

Our Tested & Trusted Approach For An Effective Video Production Process

we work in collaborative partnerships with major video production companies to bring in your concept to live videos. Our video production services range from corporate video production, animated video production, promotional video production, training video production, internal communication videos, video content marketing and so on. Irrespective of the type of video, we follow a strategic process as indicated below:

Kleensa Promotion Collaborates With Video Production Companies To Offer Impressive Jobs :

I just wanted to write and let you know what a fun, efficient, easy and professional experience I had with The Kleensa Promotion’s entire team. It is such a joy to work with a team who is organized, delivers on time, and clearly has pride in their work.

Ken Rico

CEO, Ricoty Academy

What a great experience working with you and your team on our first video marketing project. Thanks for an excellent job and an effortless, positive project overall!

Rose Ifeduba

Marketing Executiver, Farmerizer Inc.

I was surprised and thrilled at Kleensa Promotion’s level of competency and professionalism. Their work was, by far, the best of any work I’d done with other digital marketing firms I encountered. And, compared to the work of other video marketing companies I’ve worked with—it was just as good and much more affordable.

Mark Edeh

Managing Director, UroTech Limited

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