Become a Certified Digital Marketing Expert Via Our TCEO Strategic Training!

Do you want to understand how to manage digital marketing business, would you like to undergo digital marketing training, have you been searching for a cheap and reliable fully packaged digital marketing training course but ended up finding expensive ones and you really want not just to learn digital marketing but also to find it practicable, understandable and deliverable?

Following your digital marketing strategy through the TCEO model will transform you as a novice to a digital marketing expert who will continuously win sales online. Among every other digital marketing models, I always find the TCEO digital marketing model much more effective and interesting to utilize because the grouping in this online marketing model creates a process that results in optimal use of digital tactics.

Looking at the reason why digital technology must be embedded at the core of your marketing processes, digital marketing gives you the better capabilities to segment your audience, customize your messages tailoring their respective needs in valuable, trackable and measurable ways. TCEO model gives you a great digital marketing strategy that will actualize your business goal via the capabilities of the digital technology being embedded into your business processes.

TCEO Model is Grouped into 4 Interrelated Phases:

1. THINK: This is the starting point in TCEO approach. It is tasked with developing strategic plans for the digital world. Like traditional communications planning, it includes topics such as consumer insights, research, concept development, budget allocation and channel planning.

2. CREATE: This second phase brings concepts to life by executing campaigns and shaping platforms. It covers all aspects of creating web assets, from web design and development to conceptual copywriting, the creation of social media assets, mobile development, engineering business systems and social media integration.

3. ENGAGE: This is responsible for driving traffic and building relationships. Media buying and planning, search engine optimisation, email marketing, social media and campaign management are some of the key activities here.

4. OPTIMISE: This  is about continuous improvement. It delivers insight and lessons through analytics, data mining, conversion optimisation and testing. Optimise is relevant at each stage of the process.

Highlight of Our Training Contents:


-- Situating Digital To Marketing

-- Understanding Marketing

-- Understanding Digital Marketing

-- Understanding The Internet

-- Marketing Tools & Tactics

-- Marketing Exams & Certifications

-- Digital Marketing Strategy

-- Market Research

--  Content Marketing Strategy

-- User Experience Design

-- Marketing Graphics Design

-- Web Development & Design

-- Digital Copywriting

-- Content Development

-- Customer Relationship Management

-- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

-- Search Advertising/Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

--Online Advertising (Display Marketing)

-- Affliate Marketing

-- Social Media Channels

-- Social Media Strategy

-- Email Marketing

-- Video Marketing

-- Influencer Marketing

-- Mobile Marketing

-- Data Analytics

-- Conversion Optimization

We also Offer Digital Marketing Consulting Solutions!

Our digital marketing consulting can help you generate more revenue.  We’ll reveal certain mareting tools, tactics & insights with which you’ll create, measure and optimize your sales funnels in near real time. We’ll show you how to combine data and strategy to reach your audience at the right place and the right time. Then, you’ll learn how to properly analyze, test and optimize your website content to get more conversions.


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