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Before we can register your start-up, you’ve to understand the nature of your business and see how best to incorporate it. Most start-ups are better registered as limited companies than as business enterprises, where some don’t really require a company registration process. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners who once registered their start-ups as business enterprises currently request for upgrade of their start-ups to limited company. This process makes it riskier, more timely and more costly for such business owners to achieve such upgrade.  We advice you to seek for professional advice first before diving into business incorporation, so that you can do the right thing at the most appropriate period.

Kleensa Promotion Helps You To Incorporate Your Start-up Following 6 Stages:

The first step to register a company in Nigeria is called the name availability search. At this stage you want to find out if the name which you want to register your company with is available and not already in use.


Kleensa Promotion will conduct a free public search on the CAC platform. After conducting this search and eventually decide on what name you want to use and prove that it is not already chosen and used by someone else, then we go ahead to officially conduct a  name search via CAC. If the name you have chosen is available, we can reserve it for 60 days.


To Reserve Your Name:


1. An initial Name reservation form will be sent to you so you provide us your biodata. 


2. This biodata must be submitted together with your initial deposit (i.e. %deposit to pay out of the total cost of the registration)


3. Kleensa Promotion uses such info  to Reserve an approved Business Name on your behalf.


Note that a Copy of Our  ''Name Reservation Form'' will be sent to you on request.

This stage is not always for those who want to register  their start-ups as business enterprises. Draft registration stage is for company registration.

This particular stage has activities involving various participants  in it. The Participants involved here are:


1. Directors :  These are the 2 or more people who found a company. In this case, 1 person cannot be used as a director unless it’s a sole proprietorship business (i.e. Business Enterprise).


2. Shareholders: The people who own a ratio/percentage of the share capital of a company. With CAC registration, you can have a minimum of 2 and maximum of 50 (2 to 50) shareholders, with only a maximum of 4 share capital allotments. 


3. Secretary: Either an individual or a corporate firm or possibly the both can be used as your officially registered secretary during the CAC registration. Your secretary can actually be anyone other than a director, he/she can be a shareholder as long as that shareholder is not listed as a director.


4. Legal Practitioner: This is a lawyer whose action is obliged to sign & carry out certain legal documentations needed for your CAC registration. At Kleensa Promotion, we use our Legal Practitioner to provide the necessary requirements needed for the completion of a successful company Registration including the court notarization & legal endorsements.


What happens at Draft Reservation Form Stage:

After reservation stage, we'll send a registration draft form with which you provide us with other necessary details which include:

1. Your Biodata as a major director (Meanwhile Your reservation stage must've provided this)

2. Company Details

3. Biodata of Your Other Director (s)

4. Biodata of Your Shareholders (If not a part of your directors)

5. Biodata of Your Secretary

6. Memorandum of Article


A Memorandum of Association is a document that states all the kinds of businesses that you are permitted and entitled to operate and run by the CAC. It provides for the kinds of things you will like to do as a business. These things permitted for you to do as a business by the CAC are called “OBJECTS OF A COMPANY”.


Note that: We'll provide you a sample of your memorandum of article objects which will guide you in drafting yours.

We'll Use The Draft Information  To Carry Out The Actual Registration Process
With the provided information via draft form, we will proceed with your main registration process.
The information which you will need to present to us include - your memorandum and Articles of Association, the names of the participants with their respective designation (whether shareholder, director or secretary) , residential addresses, occupation, date of birth, phone numbers, email address and so on. You will also need to provide a copy of any recognised identity document of each of your participant e.g. international passport, drivers licence, national identity card or permanent voters card.
After this stage, the CAC main registration form will be sent for you to print and all endorse your signatories.
Note that: Every participant must have a valid Identity card and must be available to sign the CAC form.
We'll Use Your Information in Reservation form (Stage 1) To Do the Actual Registration Process
With the provided information via reservation form, we will proceed with your main registration process.
After this stage, the CAC main registration form will be sent for you to print, fill, attach your passport and endorse your signatory.
Note that: Every Proprietor Must Have a Valid Identity Card and Must be available to sign their CAC form.


Every participant in your team must endorse signatory in both the CAC registration form and memorandum of article, after which you hand it over to us to proceed with the registration process. Also, a copy of each participant ID card will be submitted as well.

There are two kinds of legal endorsements to be used. The first one is signatory from an accredited legal practitioner and the second is court stamping/notarization. Kleensa Promotion will take care of all legal endorsements needed in the form.



You must fill, attach passport and endorse signatory in the form after which you hand it over to us to proceed with the registration process. 

A copy of each proprietor's ID card must accomplish this also.

As soon as we've received your documents, we proceed with the registration until it gets approved. 

Kleensa Promotion processes all the documents submission to finalise your company registration.

After submission, Kleensa promotion will contact you if there are any queries. If there's  no query, Kleensa Promotion will inform you once the CAC registration process is complete with your start-up sucessfully incorporated.

If Based In Lagos: Kleensa promotion collects your CAC Certificate on your behalf and finds a way to hand-over the certificate to you. You're expected to pay the final deposit upon receipt and confirmation of your certificate. 
If Based Outside Lagos: Kleensa promotion forwards your CAC Certificate to the CAC office closest to you so that you can collect it by yourself. You're expected to pay the final deposit upon approval of the registered business before we send you your final documents for collection.

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  • Thank you Kleensa Promotion for helping me with SOG Fabric Business Incorporation. During a search for a reliable firm for my CAC business registration, Kleensa Promotion was recommended and without doubt, they impressed me with timely & original CAC certification process.


    Managing Director, SOG Fabric World
  • Kleensa Promotion Incorporated Our Limited Company “E.B. MATOGO LIMITED” For Us. Despite our challenges in the processs, Kleensa team were very polite & understandable to the core. They are great at collaboration. I recommend Kleensa Promotion!


    Director, E.B. Matogo Limited
  • I appreciate Kleensa Promotion For Making My Business Name Registration Process Very Easy. Kleensa Was The One Who Incorporated My Entertainment Business, “DAVOG” For Me. Thanks a lot.


    CEO, DAVOG Entertainment
  • Kleensa Promotion Incorporated Our Limited Company “CORNELIUS OKPIAIFOH LIMITED” For Us. Despite our challenges in the processs, Kleensa team were very polite & understandable to the core. They are great at collaboration. I recommend Kleensa Promotion!


    CEO, Cornelius Okpiaifoh Limited
  • We were looking for a reliable agent to help us register our private limited company, “FIDO FILIUS LIMITED” and luckily we found Kleensa Promotion. They’re simply the best at excellent customer service & there wasn’t delay in delivery.


    Co-founder, Fido Filius Limited

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