An All-in-one Marketing Technology Solution For Micro- & Small-sized Enterprises (MSEs) Growth in Nigeria.

KLEENSA is a Nigeria based Inbound Marketing and Branding Technology Company dedicated to help micro & Small sized enterprises grow in Nigeria as we register their startups, tell their brand stories with unique identity designs, then eventually grow their sales via our consistent digital marketing and branding activities.

We help Micro- & Small-sized Enterprises (MSEs) in Nigeria grow with little marketing investment via our All-in-one Marketing Technology, Affordable Inbound Marketing, design & Marketing Software Development Solutions  as well as our topnotch marketing-technology Education & Skill Outsourcing.

Let's Register, Brand & Build Your Business in Nigeria!

We are a team of experienced marketing & software development professionals  working to build and grow with micro & small businesses in Nigeria. We have an awesome variety of services and partners inside and outside Nigeria. We offer a wide range of inbound services to enable businesses/brands to gain strong and competitive position in Nigeria Market.

CAC Business Incorporations

Whether you’re based within or outside Nigeria, Kleensa can help you register your startup & get your company legally incorporated in Nigeria.

Inbound Marketing/Branding

As soon as your business is registered, Kleensa designs graphics, websites, shops & apps uniquely branded to promote your business solutions.

All-in-One Marketing Technology

You can do your design, app development & run your inbound marketing via Our Cloud-based Automated All-in-one platform .

Education & Skills Outsourcing

Our Marketing-Technology School is dedicated to train individuals & upskill businesses with trending marketing technologies & talented workers.


Nearly every business can benefit from us. If you have a product or service to offer, there is someone out there actively searching for it. It doesn’t matter if that person is the end consumer, or an employee of another company; businesses need to make sure that their customers can find them when needed, and Kleensa Promotion makes that possible.

  • Professional Services
  • Medical Practices
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality
  • Online Shops/Businesses
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Construction/Engineering
  • FCMG
  • Oil & Gas Sectors
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Training & Educations
  • Religious/Churches
  • Automobile etc...

Why Choose Kleensa Promotion?


We ensure our customers get the best out of our impressive services through follow up, provision of expert technical information & efficient training.


Kleensa Promotion gives the best pricing ever. Our clients have come to realize how great we cut costs with our digital marketing services.


With our client oriented promises, we try to be solution focused in what we do. Kleensa Promotion really has a lot to offer to ensure your business need is served well.

Can We Help You Register or Grow Your Business?

Let’s discuss your business need and see where we can be of help to you!

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